About Us

1 – Vision and Mission Statement 


To nurture a professional firm of repute which is competitive, dynamic in the areas of its operation, providing the best opportunity to progress and grow to all those who are associated with it and also serving the best interests of the clients.

We visualize becoming leader in creating, validating and interpreting information that measures and enhances organizational performance, thus becoming obvious choice for financial management, assurance and other specialized services.




Our mission is to enhance decision-making and improve organizational performance through financial management, assurance and other specialized expertise. We act with integrity, objectivity and a commitment to excellence keeping in view the public interest.

2 – Our People

Quality of client services in a professional organization is based on people. Salim Al Siyabi Chartered Accountants & Auditors gives priority to recruiting and training. Our people are member of Institute of Chartered Accountants and university graduates with accounting degrees.

2 All graduates complete a structured training program, which combines practical work experience with an extensive range of formal courses and a number of management courses.

Professional staff is recruited on the strength of their experience, quality of qualification and suitability to undertake the services offered

Professional staff is recruited on the strength of their experience, quality of qualification and suitability to undertake the services offered to our clients.

The company was established in the year 2009. The success has been achieved, and is maintained, by our commitment and enthusiasm for meeting the needs and expectations of our clients. The company has evolved a structure, which ensures that its size helps to give to all its clients, large and small, a high level of services and personal contact.

Principal  and  staff  are  subject  to  stringent  codes  of conduct  as  regards  confidentiality  and  independence. Each client’s job is allocated to a supervisor who reviews all jobs done by professional staff.




3 – About CEO

Mr. Salim Bin Khamis Bin Salim Al Siyabi is the chief executive and founder of Salim Al Siyabi Chartered Accountants & Auditors Co. Mr. Salim Al Siyabi has completed Certified Chartered Accountancy Ain shams university – Cairo – Egypt (1989) He has over 24 years of professional auditing, accounting and allied experience.

Having background of Certified by the Ministry of Economy in Oman & Account expert at the Ministry of Justice Oman & He holds an international arbitrator from Egypt & Certified the Ministry of Economy in Qatar and Certified the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates all this gave me based accounting approach and ability to lead for finalization of the accounts, management and internal reporting system and compliance of statutory obligations; with the Five years of professional experience (more than 5 years in UAE) has established confident to run his own practice in any challenging environment with leadership and result oriented approach. Mr. Sameh Abdalla Mabrouk Mohamed has intensive knowledge of ERP system (Oracles Financial 11i & Microsoft Navision).

4- Objectives

Our main motive is to provide a quality services with minimum cost, innovative style and fast delivery (speed) to satisfy our customer’s needs.


  •  To maintain the highest level of expertise and knowledge of our people, through high quality induction, continuing education and on the job training.
  • To develop our people professionally and to give our distinguished clients the highest priority
  • To maintain investment in technology and knowledge at a significant level to ensure continuing growth and further enhance our competitive advantage.
  • To adopt an aggressive, focused marketing posture whilst at all times acting in accordance with the highest ethical standards.
  • To ensure that all managers and supervisors receive adequate training to keep them abreast of the current knowledge on technical subjects.
  • To achieve a growth rate of at least 15% in turnover and 20% on profit in the next three years.

5 – Our Approach to Client Services

We believe that our professional and targeted approach to client services is key to success.
  • The company places emphasis on competence, professionalism and creativity in conducting its assignments. To us, concern means dedication to each of our clients and a solid commitment towards helping them solve their business problems from commencement to conclusion.


  • At Salim Al Siyabi Chartered Accountants & Auditors, competence and technical expertise play an integral part in the company’s comprehensive approach to client services, forming the “core” which is never compromised. Competence is a combination of an in-depth understanding of the clients’ business affairs, and a thorough knowledge of current principles and techniques. We believe that “Professionalism” in the accounting profession means integrity, objectivity, independence, adherence to professional standards and applicable laws & regulations, and demonstrated will to maintain and improve the quality of services and to withstand all pressure, competitive and otherwise, not to compromise on principles, standards and quality.
  • Similarly, creativity is the value constantly sought, but seldom found. At Salim Al Siyabi Chartered Accountants & Auditors a creative approach is stressed in all engagements. The company’s philosophy is to anticipate management’s needs and design solutions, which are innovative and effective.

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